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Use 5 minutes to answer the 30 questions, and identify where Goalcube can help you
How much do you agree with the below statements ?
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1. Our company have identified clear financial and nonfinancial goals?
2. Our company are more focused on long term goals than yearly budgets?
3. Our company have identified clear actions to reach our goals?
4. Their is an organizatiuon structure that supports change and innovation?
5. The organizational culture supports change ?
6. You follow a clear change strategy, when implementing change?
7. We have a clear startegy but hard time with implemening it?
8. Our employee do have a solid understanding of our vision and mission?
9. You are as good as years ago to predect possibilitis and threats?
10. You are aware of the competitive situation in yout industry?
11. You have clear overview of the resources needed to achiver you goals?
12. You know which products are the most important for your business?
13. You know which business areas are most economical attractive for you ?
14. We have a clear definition of where we differentiate us from compeitors ?
15. You have a clear strategy how your company wants to grow ?
16. You are working to actively improve internal processes?
17. You have clear defined target customers?
18. You have a clear marketing and promotion plan?
19. You have a clear product quality strategy ?
20. You have a clear price and quality strategy ?
21. You have a clear innovation strategy ?
22. You have an innovation budget with dedicated time for innovation ?
23. It is easy to systematic registre information and ideas?
24. Identify and communicate clear idea selection criterias
25. It is easy to access and search for knowlegde and information in your organisation?
26. The strategy and goals for the company is communcated to all employees?
27. HR strategies are tied to overall strategy?
28. Do you have an incitament system related to indivdual performance ?
29. I do map the employee competences and ensures clear link to strategy execution?
30. All employes has an individual actions plan for competence development?