Motivate your employees
with a clear direction and meaning

You have to coordinate a number of employee’s actions so they are all going the same direction. By creating a great vision with connection to goals and actions you can visualize the direction and motive – which motivates employees to better performance.

The Goalcube software tool will help you how to write the right vision and make it so clear that you can explain it in 1 min or written up on one page. You will have to look at what will make your company unique in the future years seen from the Customers, employees and management/owners point of view. Always remember to involve your employees in the creation of the vision.

What do you want to tell the kids you do every day, besides working hard, make the employees proud to work at your company. Identify what you company does with is significant different to competitors

Try writing an obituary about your company if the customers, competitors or employees point of view? If your company was not there tomorrow, who will miss it, what difference do you make for your employees or customers? Think of the dream product, how would it look like from your customers point of view, what should be the future features if the customers should think the value should be doubled of today.

Goal cube software tool help you how to creating a Mission statement to motivate the employees but also helps focusing on customers need in the future.

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