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Strategic overview:
Get the easy overview of your strategic goals and actions. All changes and actions are gathered in an online corporate dashboard to obtain the strategic overview easily. There is a clear relation between the needed strategic skills and employee competence development.

Diagnostic tool:
Through a top down approach via management questionnaire, the most important strategic issues are identified. Depending on the results, a specific guide for the system is created for your company. Start with the important issues first. The Web-based diagnostic tool can also be initiated by all employees answering the questionnaire and the average value helps identify which areas to focus on changing first.

Expert advises:
The best of books and management theory. To make best practices available to assist you with strategic issues without reading hundreds of books or having a MBA. The Goalcube system includes information and guides to management, strategy, marketing, Process optimization, innovation, and HR.

Strategy consultant:
An online guide helps you through the process of defining the strategy and related goals and actions. The Goalcube system is Web-based business consulting software that affords you free consultancy via the public discussion board. Not only can the Goalcube consultant answer your requests but also other users can; learn from others and teach others your experiences.

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